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Amy Kate Irwin of


Doll Artist


From the time I was a little girl, I took a special interest in arts and crafts. Both of my grandmothers were very talented and taught me how to sew, crochet, and create many crafts.  As a little girl, I so very much enjoyed playing with baby dolls and began to create my own dolls from socks, cloth, fabrics, stuffing, and sewed buttons for eyes and whatever else I found on hand in my house to ultimately create a doll. I only desired baby dolls for Christmas and would leave picture advertisements torn out of department store catalogues around the house in the weeks before each Christmas as a hint to my parents for the baby doll I dreamed and wished for. Receiving a baby doll for Christmas was the ultimate gift for me.  I have always loved baby dolls and it is not a wonder that today I have fallen in love with silicone baby dolls that very much look and feel like a real baby. I am finding great joy now designing blank, bald silicone babies into very special, beautiful baby dolls through the painting and hair rooting processes.


As a self-taught artist through much study, practice and patience, I have worked very hard to learn both the art of painting multi-tonal, like-life looking baby skin on silicone dolls and the art of rooting the hair to create the finished dolls you see in my gallery here on my website. I'm always striving to become better. I put my heart and soul into every baby I finish in the hope that that the buyer will be touched by the love put into the doll and the sweetness and joy the silicone art doll brings, and will ultimately love and cherish the doll for many years to come.  I have discovered people collect dolls for many different reasons, all of which I completely respect, and it is my great joy to meet so many kind and wonderful people all over the world and learn a little bit about them and their life stories.   


I am a wife, mother of a son and daughter, and strong believer in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Christ is the most wonderful father and friend if we will just seek him. He is faithful and his love

never fails. He is a forgiving Lord who offers us the sweetest love of all. 


If you have read this writing, I am thankful for you and thankful for your support.

Blessings and wishes to you for an abundant life. This is possible if you will seek Jesus Christ first in

your life above all else, live and embrace every moment, laugh every day, and love beyond words. Do

something nice for someone every day.  



Amy Kate

© Amy Kate Doll Designs 

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