💕Full Body Silicone Baby Girl 'Jolie'💕



Congratulations to her new mommy!!💗😍



Baby Jolie will be available via  

 auction on my Facebook page at starting Monday, October 26th at 8 pm EDT, 7 pm CDT, 5 pm PDT and ending Sunday, November 1st at 8 pm EDT, 7 pm CDT, 5 pm PDT


Jolie is exquisitely sculpted, molded/cast by the masterfully talented Sylvia Manning.  Jolie is an asleep, highly detailed full body silicone baby girl doll made in a super soft blend of silicone (softest blend), 20 inches long, 9 pounds. She is a wonderful newborn size. She has an open mouth with a top gum and tongue and a soft armature in her elbows for extra poseability. She is incredibly soft and cuddly and very easy to pose. She is truly realistic and feels like a real newborn baby. She is just delightful to hold and snuggle.💗 


Please scroll all the way to the end of the page to view her video (showing her wonderful movement and how very soft she is), her photo gallery, and all her detailed information. 


Video of baby Jolie

Photo gallery of baby Jolie 

(You can click on any photo to see a larger full view of Jolie).

~Details About Baby~ 


- Baby Jolie is a full body silicone baby girl poured all in one piece in a super soft medical grade platinum Ecoflex blend (softest blend silicone).  She is lovely newborn size baby at 20 inches long, 9 pounds. Her soft and squishy silicone make her very posable and cuddly.❤


- Length: 20 inches.


-Weight: Approximately 9 pounds.


- Head circumference:  14 inches.


- Flexible neck turns easily side to side with no ball joint; poured in one piece.


- Mouth is open with a top gum and tongue detail.


- Soft armature in elbows for extra poseability.


- Takes a preemie pacifier and bottle nipple.


- Jolie is #27 in a limited edition.


- Jolie has been carefully painted in many layers over several days with very soft shading, blushing, and veining in my own custom blend of colors to achieve a warm, realistic baby skin complexion using the highest quality professional silicone paints and pigments on the market. The paint was then permanently sealed and permanently matted for an exquisite velvety-smooth finish and soft baby skin feel. I have studied the art of silicone painting and have worked very hard to learn and achieve a multi-tonal beautiful baby skin tone for total realism. The matting process is also labor intensive and time consuming, but well worth it to achieve such an exquisite finish and totally take away all the shiny gloss of silicone and get the velvety-smooth feel to the touch. Just a stunning look!  Every inch has been painted with incredible detail. 


- Her hair has been deeply and meticulously directionally rooted 1-2 hairs at a time from the cut end in a very natural newborn hair pattern using combinations of straight and wavy silky soft dark brown ultra premium mohair with some light brown undertones from Slumberland Nursery for a beautiful rich brown color. This hair rooting process takes a very long time - many, many hours.


- I have also micro-rooted her eyebrows and eyelashes for extra realism in a blend to match her hair.


- Baby white fingernail and toenail tips have been delicately painted, glossed, and sealed on all 10 fingers and all 10 toes.


- Jolie wears newborn size clothes and size 1 diapers.


- Jolie can be gently bathed in a mild baby soap if you should choose to ever bathe her. She has already been bathed and is super clean and fresh. Of course, scrubbing or excessively rubbing of her skin during bathing is never recommended on these delicate silicone collector art dolls. While her hair is deeply micro-rooted, gentle care of her hair is also recommended. You can very carefully brush and style her  hair with a spritz of water and a soft bristled baby brush.


- Jolie is beautiful with hyper-realistic detail and SO soft and cuddly. She feels wonderful to hold and snuggle in your arms.❤️


- My babies come from an entirely smoke-free environment.


It is not uncommon for silicone babies to have a slight mark or imperfection here and there, which is not considered a flaw, but part of the handmade process and charm. Because her silicone blend is so realistically squishy soft and floppy, she has a lot of natural movement. You do always need to support her head when holding her like you would a real newborn baby. Silicone babies are soft and move freely as you hold them. When you see and hold Jolie, you will totally fall in love because she is so cuddly and truly does look and feel like a real newborn baby.❤️


In summary, I have lovingly painted, sealed, matted, micro-rooted the hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, accessorized, and did a photo shoot and video for this baby just for you - the new mommy to be.  All this reborn work has been done entirely and exclusively by me, Amy Kate Irwin, of Amy Kate Doll Designs. Please know that I put my heart and soul into each baby I do.


⭐Please watch my video made of this baby showing her wonderful movement and how realistically soft she is by clicking on the video above.  Please 'like' my video and subscribe to my YouTube channel (Amy Kate Doll Designs), so you can always be notified when I have a new baby available for purchase. Please also click on "Newsletter" link above here on my website and sign up to receive notification when I have a new baby doll available for purchase. 


Jolie will come home with a very nice box opening and the following items:


-Beautiful autumn yellow & white flower long-sleeve dress ensemble that includes a matching

  onesie, bow headband, and gray matching leggings.

- Gorgeous cream, gray, & plum/wine with gold glitter dress that includes a cream fur

   vest, cream diaper cover, and cream bow headband.

- Lovely forest green romper/outfit with matching bow headband and cute matching booties.

- Cute pink long-sleeve "Happy" onesie.

- Adorable white & pink long-sleeve cat onsie.

- Beautiful knit/crotchet blush colored bow headband.

- White lace socks.

- Cream knit booties.

- Custom Amy Kate Doll diaper.

- Comb & brush set.

- Elephant lovie toy 

- Soft, plush baby blanket (not photographed)

- Purple pacifier.

- Cute baby bottle with faux milk made by me.

- Certificate of Authenticity signed by the sculpting artist

- Certificate of Authenticity signed by me 

Care Instructions for silicone babies



This baby girl will be up up for auction beginning Monday, October 26th with the highest bidder adopting her on my Facebook page. Auction ends Sunday, November 1st. 


I do not accept trades of any kind.

Returns are not accepted due to the high cost of shipping.  All sales are final.  I have taken care to provide lots of detail, photos, and video for this baby.





Shipping and handling is FREE on this baby to any location in the USA and will come with a tracking number and insurance. 


International shipping and handling is $350. I ship to the United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Finland, Germany, and Australia. Please note that all International buyers are responsible for any customs or duty charges, taxes, etc., imposed by the country they live in. 


Thank you for visiting and looking at baby Jolie❤️.  Enjoy her video and photos!


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