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NOW SOLD!!💕 Lelou💕

Bib and diaper cover (5).jpeg

Lelou is exquisitely hand sculpted by Izzy Zhao, perfectly poured in a fabulously soft silicone by Maria Lynn Grover, and she is exclusively finished (painted and hair rooted) by me. She is 16.5” long with bent legs and weighs 5 lbs. 6 oz. Her scrumptiously soft silicone blend makes her very poseable, soft, cuddly and lifelike, and is an absolute dream to hold, cuddle, cherish and enjoy in your doll collection!!

She is truly amazing in all her very realistic and lifelike details! More details about her can be found below her photo gallery. I hope you love her as much as I do!💗

Photo gallery of baby Lelou
(You can click on any photo to see a larger full view of Lelou)

Video of baby Lelou

~ Details about baby~ 

- Baby Lelou is a beautiful, sleeping full body silicone baby girl doll poured in an incredibly soft silicone blend making her very poseable and very realistic. She has the most amazing life-like features and is a dream to hold and cuddle!  I took many photos to capture different poses to show her poseability, and photos were taken in different light settings, but mostly by a large window with natural sunlight and clouds moving in and out.  

- Lelou is #5 in her edition. 

​- Length: 16.5 inches with bent legs. 

-Weight: Approximately 5 pounds 6 ounces.


- Head circumference:  12 inches.

- Flexible neck turns easily side to side with no ball joint; poured in one piece.

- Mouth is open and with a sculpted tongue inside and looks so realistic. 

- Can take a small newborn size pacifier and bottle nipple. 


​- Lelou wears preemie size diapers and preemie size clothes very nicely.

​- Lelou has been carefully painted in many layers over several days with very soft shading, blushing, and subtle veining in my own custom blend of colors to achieve a warm, realistic baby skin complexion using the highest quality professional silicone paints and pigments on the market. The paint was then permanently sealed and permanently matted for an exquisite velvety-smooth finish and soft baby skin feel. I have studied the art of silicone painting and have worked very hard to learn and achieve a multi-tonal beautiful baby skin tone for total realism. The matting process is also labor intensive and time consuming, but well worth it to achieve such an exquisite finish and totally take away all the shiny gloss of silicone and get the velvety-smooth feel to the touch. Just a stunning look!  Every inch has been painted with incredible detail. 


- Her hair has been deeply and meticulously directionally rooted 1-2 hairs at a time using ultra premium, silky soft, alpaca hair in a light brown/dark blonde color. This hair rooting process takes a very long time - many, many hours.


- I have painted and sealed delicate eyebrows and hand rooted her delicate little wispy eyelashes.  


- Baby white fingernail and toenail tips have been delicately painted, glossed, and sealed on all 10 fingers and all 10 toes.


- Lelou can be gently bathed in a mild baby soap if you should choose to ever bathe her. She has already been bathed and is super clean and fresh. Of course, scrubbing or excessively rubbing of her skin during bathing is never recommended on these delicate silicone collector art dolls. While her hair is deeply micro-rooted, gentle care of her hair is also recommended. You can very carefully brush and style her hair with a spritz of water and a soft bristled baby brush or toothbrush.

- Lelou is a beautiful baby girl with very realistic detail and so very soft and cuddly. She feels wonderful to hold and cuddle in your arms.❤️


- My babies come from an entirely smoke-free environment.


***It is not uncommon for silicone babies to have a slight mark or imperfection here and there, which is not considered a flaw, but part of the handmade process and charm and simply the nature and characteristics of silicone. Please do note these dolls are art dolls completely handmade and can have small irregularities that are characteristics attributable to silicone and handmade artistry. Every hand that touches the doll from the sculpting, molding, casting, painting, rooting processes strives to produce a perfect doll, but typically this is not possible due to the sensitivity of all materials used and by human hand processes. Dolls that are machine or factory made of plastic or vinyl could possibly be perfect, but not handmade, soft, more life-like silicone art dolls. If there is some kind of a large, glaring imperfection on a doll, then the doll is labelled as a "boo-boo" doll and sold as such with a discount. This is not a boo-boo doll. Each silicone baby is a one-of-a-kind. There are no two dolls exactly alike.  Because Lelou's silicone is very soft and realistic, she has a lot of natural movement. You do always need to support her head when holding her like you would a real newborn baby. I include detailed "Care Instructions" for all my babies. Silicone babies are soft and move freely as you hold them. When you see and hold Lelou, you will totally fall in love because she is so cuddly and truly does look and feel like a real newborn baby.❤️


In summary, I have lovingly painted, sealed, matted, directionally micro-rooted the hair and lashes, accessorized, and did a photo shoot and video for this baby just for you - the new mommy to be.  All this reborn work has been done entirely and exclusively by me, Amy Kate Irwin of Amy Kate Doll Designs. Please know that I put my heart and soul into each baby I do.


⭐Please watch my video made of this baby showing her wonderful movement, her details, and how realistically soft she is by clicking on her video above.  Please 'like' my video and subscribe to my YouTube channel (Amy Kate Doll Designs), so you can always be notified when I have a new baby available for purchase. Please also click on the "Newsletter" link above here on my website and sign up to receive notification when I have a new baby doll available. 


Lelou will come home with a very nice box opening and the following items:


- Gorgeous green and lace outfit hand made by zoikphotoprops Etsy shop.

- Pretty pink long-sleeve romper with bow on it.

- Lovely pink crochet bib with white picot border and matching diaper cover, bow headband and tie booties made with love by me.

- Cute crochet bear hat by Mama Bear Crafted Etsy shop.

- Gorgeous pink and cream flower headband made by BabyGraceHats. 

- Lovely white lace socks. 

- Adorable crochet bunny with pink ruffle made with love by me. (It's Lelou's favorite lovey). 


- Pink pacifier by Ryan & Rose cutie PAT.

- Ball bead pacifier clip.

- Pink ring faux milk bottle with lid cover.

- Comb and brush set.

Soft blanket (not pictured).

- Certificate of Authenticity by the sculpting and mold making artist.

- Certificate of Authenticity signed by me. 

- Care Instructions for silicone babies.

Photo of layette for Lelou.jpeg
Before and After photos of Lelou - the one.jpeg



All sales are final.  These one-of-a-kind handmade art dolls are non-returnabIe and non-refundable. I have taken care to provide lots of photos, detail, and a video for this baby. I put my heart and soul into each baby I complete.                             

© Amy Kate Doll Designs 

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