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Other Services

(Painting & Hair Rooting)

If you have a blank, never before painted silicone baby doll that is an original, one-of-a-kind doll with known sculptor (not a doll made and sold from China or elsewhere that is illegally copied from another sculptor's work and mass produced) and would like to have it painted, please ask me to quote you a price. 


If you would like your silicone baby doll's hair rooted, eyelashes rooted, etc., please also ask me to give you a price on this service. Hair rooting would be done in your choice of hair color. I can do a full painting job or a hair rooting job, or both. There is a discount if I am doing both painting and hair rooting jobs. You can click on my link for "Gallery" at the top of this page to view my previous work and see my painting style and hair rooting styles. There are additionally lots of photos of my hair rooting work here on this page below. 


Customer pays the shipping cost to and from for services. Customer also pays PayPal fees for processing your payment transaction. I also accept Zelle, Venmo, and CashApp for payment for these services if you are located in the USA.  There are no fees associated with those processing payment apps. I am based in the USA. Typically, half of payment is paid up front for these services and the other half is paid when the work is completed and is nonrefundable. 


I do not paint vinyl dolls. I specialize in painting and rooting hair on silicone babies.

To request a quote on the service(s) you are interested in, please email me at  All email inquires are typically answered very quickly within 24 hours.

Some samples of my hair rooting work 

I will typically take a photo of the bald head and do pencil sketches of different hair patterns for my vision of the hair design based upon the face and facial features of the particular baby to be rooted.

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